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Paper Aces is a casual/arcade "infinite runner" game.

Pilot your paper airplane up and down to avoid obstacles as you fly increasingly faster over time, to achieve your farthest distance.

Acquire power-ups to increase your chances. But, watch out for the power-downs that make it more difficult.


  • One-finger touch control.
  • Timed Power-Ups (and Power-Downs): Increased Movement (3 seconds), Decreased Movement (3 seconds), Invincibility (5 seconds).
  • Elegant 2D paper themed game art.
  • Leaderboard. Can you be the Top Ace?
  • Family friendly gameplay, art, sounds, and animations.

Coming Soon:

  • New Airplane Skins!
  • New Themed Levels and Obstacles!
  • New Power-Ups and Power-Downs!
  • Powers cache (use powers on demand)

App Permissions:

  • Optional - Wifi/CellData, if you wish to post data to the leaderboard, or make in-app purchases.

Suggestions and/or Bug Reporting:

To submit a suggestion or bug report, please email me at DevinBrimer.GPD@gmail.com

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Thank you for your interest in my game, and I hope you enjoy playing it!

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